The Role of Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN, Air Conditioning Repair Olive Branch MS

We recognize that the majority of Memphis property owners are not acquainted with the technological information about how their air conditioning systems works. That is fine, for it is an extremely complex device and one that we have our staff do years of training to become a service technician that can repair and install them. Because of the general lack of understanding about air conditioners and appropriate care for them, there are a great deal of misconceptions about just how they run. One of the largest misconceptions is pertaining to exactly how the refrigerant functions, which is exactly what this article will be about.

AC Refrigerant is Not a Fuel SourceAC Refrigerant

Putting refrigerant in an air conditioning system is not similar to adding fuel to a car. Individuals generally mistake the chemical refrigerant that travels in an air conditioner as something it must consume To be able to function, just like a vehicle or truck. This is not the case. AC refrigerant is not consumed and have an exhaust by-product in the cooling procedure. Rather, the refrigerant plays a vital duty in executing the heat transfer process. It is not consumed. It is really a really cool chemical process that it goes through, for the refrigerant alters from a fluid to a gas and back once more, as it continues that pattern continuously. The refrigerant level will last indefinitely inside the air conditioner in normal situations.

If you have come across an AC repair technician speaking about the air conditioner losing some of its charge, that is the term utilized with having insufficient refrigerant in the system. The only time this will occur is if there is a leak along the refrigerant line. Once more, let’s look at the example of a vehicle with a half of tank of gas. The car will certainly still run fine, however the AC system will not, for the refrigerant is not a fuel supply. The AC will begin losing its capability to cool down as it is created to do, and it may start to hurt components inside the air conditioner as well. One example is the compressor can burn out, which would be a major cost of an AC repair.

Indicators Memphis and Olive Branch residents can be cautious of are any type of reductions in the cooling power of the system, ice forming along the evaporator coil, or hearing any kind of hissing sounds from the unit. Call us to have a look. The faster you do so, the sooner we could aid prevent the cost of a major Memphis AC repair. If the problem is needing some more refrigerant, our technicians will seal the leak quick and make sure to put in the correct amount of refrigerant your air conditioner was created to have.

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