Reasons Why an Air Conditioner Freezes Ups

Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Air Conditioning Repair Horn Lake MS, Air Conditioning Repair Olive Branch MS

Air conditioner freeze ups are a typical difficulty for many property owners in the greater Memphis area Service Pros knows. When ice forms on Air Conditioning units, the capability to properly cool the indoor air is hindered. In addition, a freeze up can put a lot of anxiety on the compressor. If one runs the Air Conditioning unit when there is ice on the coil, it is most likely that it may end up leading to an expensive repair or replacement of the compressor. So what triggers this? Here is Air Conditioning Repair Horn Lake MS’s explanation.Air Conditioning Repair Horn Lake MS

Reasons Why Air Conditioner Units Freeze

Among the most typical reasons for an AC freezing up is a filthy air filter. Air Conditioner systems need correct air flow for operation, and unclean air filters hinder airflow. If any ice is noticed forming on the outdoor system or pipes that lead from the compressor, be sure to inspect the air filter first. If it’s dirty, it needs to be changed. If ones Air Conditioning unit is running constantly, one needs to replace or clean the air filter monthly. In addition, check the air registers in the home. Any vents that are blocked or closed will block air flow to the evaporator coil.

Your air conditioner takes a beating during the summer, but routine maintenance can keep it running at optimum performance. . .Routine maintenance is also important for your unit’s manufacturer warranty. If you don’t have the air conditioner checked regularly, you could invalidate the warranty and spend more money in the long run. (read more at

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Evaporator coils likewise need routine cleaning to prevent freezing. This is best done by a professional air conditioning repair service provider. A malfunctioning fan can also trigger an a/c to freeze up. Without a proper working fan, the air is not distributed with the ductwork and the house. Another big cause of Air Conditioner freezing is a lack of refrigerant. Typically, this is because of a leak someplace in the A/C system. Let Air Conditioning Repair Olive Branch MS know and we will run a test to discover and deal with the leak in addition to refilling refrigerant levels.

An Effective Method to Prevent Air Conditioning Systems from Freezing

Among the very best ways to prevent AC systems from freezing up is to invest in a preventative maintenance plan or have biannual tune-ups. Throughout a routine service visit or tune-up, our specialists will carry out the necessary tasks to prevent freezing up of A/C units. Indoor and outdoor coils are cleaned, air filters are checked and an inspection and repair of leaks are done throughout the maintenance visit.

Here’s is a video that explains the cleaning process: