Reasons Why AC Circuit Breakers Trip

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When the temperatures definitely increase here in Memphis, we get a number of calls from house owners that their air conditioner continues tripping the circuit breaker. So long as one will be able to reset the breaker and will not take place once again, all should really be ok. However, when it does continue to happen, be sure to contact us to see what precisely the problem might be. Disregarding the issue could possibly transform into a bigger Memphis Air Conditioning Repair issue. Because the circuit breakers task is to act as a safety instrument, if it trips one can find a cause for it.

A number of the causes why a circuit breaker could trip happen to be a simple repair, while others are more complicated and will need aid from a qualified air conditioner repair person. Following is a summary of the more widespread reasons for these problems and what Memphis house owners are capable of doing to manage them.

Typical Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker DifficultiesMemphis AC Circuit Breaker

Circuit or Wiring Issues

Everything with the AC device itself may well be alright. The issue may be with the wiring or the circuit breaker itself. The following things are usual reasons why a circuit may possibly breakdown.

Electrical Connections are Loose
The electrical connections in the breaker box itself could possibly be loose. They are able to become loose by temperature changes, which can trigger wires to expand and contract, much like the temperature is capable of doing to most anything. Eventually, it could possibly make the connections to become loose.

The Breaker is Bad
Breakers are produced to last a very long time but they will not endure permanently. The cautionary indications that one has a bad breaker are:
It is very hot to the touch
There exists a burning fragrance near the breaker
Obvious signs like the breaker looks like it has burn marks upon it
Wires are frayed

Attempting to fix electrical gadgets about ones house could be really harmful! We would prefer to assist with any evident electrical matter with ones AC unit, which includes the circuit breakers.

Higher Amp Pull
Whenever an air conditioner is wanting to draw too many amps, the circuit breaker is going to trip. Therefore at these times, the very first thing to look at is why is the AC unit trying to draw more amps than usual, assuming the breaker itself continues to be in fine working order. Many of these possibilities property owners can look at fixing themselves while others will require our assistance. The first things we will look at next are general AC maintenance topics.

AC Breaker Repairs Memphis Homeowners May Fix

Unclean Air Filters
When was the most recent time the air filters for the AC unit were replaced? Whenever the air filters become clogged, it will certainly constrain the amount of air going in the air conditioning unit which can be recirculated throughout the home. Not executing this one straightforward repair will cause a home cooling system to function a lot harder than the majority of property owners understand, and can help one save money on operating costs. Whenever changing the air filter, one should remember to turn the AC off initially.

Unclean Condenser Coils
Check out the condition of the coils outside the house on the AC unit to observe how clean or filthy they look. If they happen to be starting to look extremely unclean, they will need a good cleaning to acquire the ideal efficiency from the system. In very much the same way a clean air filter is needed, the coils will need to be clean to cool down the refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air inside of the property. Once again, the home cooling system will operate much harder to perform this process and will cause the system to draw considerably more amps from the circuit breaker.

AC Breaker Repairs for a Memphis AC Repair Professional

Here are some of the more substantial potential explanations why ones circuit breaker is tripping, and that an experienced air conditioning repair company like us should be called.

Low Refrigerant (and a leak)
Putting in more refrigerant to an air conditioner whenever it needs it is one thing certainly to be left to us. Any time it is too low, it causes the AC unit to work harder, which, similar to the rest of the things we have mentioned, results in much less energy efficiency. We will examine to be certain there isn’t a refrigerant leakage any place so the cooling system will retain the correct quantity of refrigerant.

Condenser Fan Malfunctions
The condenser coils were discussed previously, but the fan itself that blows the air might call for a repair or replacement.

Bad Capacitors
The capacitor is the part that starts up the compressor. They can break occasionally and this may be the problem if the air conditioner is having problems starting up before the circuit breaker trips. We can look after executing a capacitor replacement.

Other internal components
One can find various other internal parts which could cause a breaker to trip. For the sake of time, we can not discuss them in this article.

Do not wait to make contact with us in the event you want to find out more about this, or think you might need a breaker or AC check up. We delight in instructing homeowners on AC maintenance actions to take so as to help prevent the need for a Memphis Air Conditioning Repair.

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