Window air conditioning units are not fun at all for Memphis homeowners to need to install each springtime. These AC systems are huge, heavy and difficult to move and install by oneself. And, do we actually should speak about exactly how unsightly they are too? If only there was a simpler, more appealing choice. Well, by the summer season of 2017, there might be.

Mechanical engineer Kurt Swanson has actually developed a new kind of home window AC system called Noria. Swanson, who says he has always had a passion for thermodynamics, has actually designed just what is to this day, probably the most appealing looking window AC system. Nonetheless, it is far more than merely visually appealing. It is small enough to be stored under a bed, and it may be configured with a smartphone.  According to Design Milk, “The Noria from Likuma Laboratories is shaping up to be a contender as an intriguing cooling solution…”

“I thought, ‘How can I leverage what I know about heat transfer into a better product?’ ” Swanson said. The air-conditioning unit was the obvious choice. “This is a big industry, and people buy these things and universally hate them.”  (read more…)

Swanson has actually been working with a group at Likuma Labs to have the design all set to market. The goal has been making as powerful of an air conditioner system as possible in as little of a design. That reasoning has actually worked well, for what they have actually created is 40 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter in weight. The lightweight framework is first installed into the window opening, then the AC unit slides into the frame. The whole thing can be stored in what appears like an extra thick briefcase sized box, which could slide under a bed for wintertime storage.

The item will launch on Kickstarter April 19, 2016, in hopes of raising enough money for shipping in the summer of 2017. Initial pricing for the AC device is $295.

We will certainly be following this and giving updates as the project is introduced.

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