Cooling Down Without an Air Conditioner

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Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN

Here are some tips from us to assist in remaining  cool in the heat of the summer season, and some AC alternatives.

Make A Homemade AC System

Fill two 2-liter soda bottles about 3/4 of the means filled with water, add rock salt till the bottle has to do with 80 % complete, then shake the bottle till the salt is dissolved and freeze the bottles. Realize that the water will certainly expand when it freezes, which is why we are leaving additional area in the bottle. Once frozen, put them the bottles in front of a fan and let it run till the ice melts. Re-freeze the bottles and repeat as needed.

Take a cold shower and dry off as little as possible

Taking a cold shower will certainly assist reset and routine ones body temperature to cool off, however it’s a momentary fix. For sustained cooling, dry off as little as possible. The water on ones body and hair will help keeping one cool as it vaporizes.

Foods to Eat

Spicy and minty foods work differently but both help cool the body. Spicy food often triggers sweating, which assists cool the body as the sweat vaporizes, whereas minty food will certainly give one a cooling experience.

Drink a Great Deal of Water

Staying hydrated will help avoid your body from overheating, and drinking 8 ounces of water every hour will assist your body feel cooler. You can jazz up your water by including fruit pieces.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

Sunshine produces heat so closing blinds and curtains will help prevent sunlight from going into the home and keep it cooler throughout a sunny day.

Open Windows at Night

Nighttime is much cooler since there is no sunshine. Benefit from the evening by keeping windows and blinds open. Simply keep in mind to close your windows and blinds as the sun shows up.

Open the Chimney Flue

Heat rises, so opening the fireplace flue will certainly allow hot air to escape and will certainly permit wind and cold air to make its way down your chimney.

Use Compact Florescent or LED Bulbs

With traditional incandescent bulbs, 90 percent of their energy is using in making heat, not light. Conversely, compact florescent and LED bulbs use about 90 % of their energy producing light, NOT heat. This will not only cool off your home, however it’ll cool down the energy bill too.

Things Not to Do

Avoid using or doing the following as much as possible.

Hot shower
Laundry machines
Fuzzy sheets or clothing
Put an ice cube on ones neck

Check out these other cooling tips too!

Circulate Air in the House

Leaving windows open and turning all fans on are fantastic methods to help distribute the air in your home. In the evening, make certain all doors are open when you open your windows so that the cool night air can distribute throughout your house.

Check out our other tips and Memphis air conditioning maintenance advice in our blog.

Air Conditioning Repair Memphis Checklist

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Fortunately, there are some really basic things that any property owner can do to keep their air conditioner running efficiently and prevent the need for an Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN call during the summer months.

Keeps plants cut back around system.

Let’s face it, outdoor air conditioning condensers are ugly and it appears that property owners will do their best to hide them from sight. Plants, fences and trellises tend to be popular ways to tackle doing this cover-up.

Yet, ac units require an adequate quantity of air flow around all sides in order to do at peak efficiency. This is why Service Pros advises that landscaping and other items be placed about three feet away from the device itself.

Tidying up leaves and other debris regularly, in addition to trimming or cutting back bushes, trees and other plants all assist enhance the air that your unit has to draw into its system.

Wash pollen and other particles off the condenser unit.

If your outdoor air condenser device is in an undetectable area, it’s really easy to ignore cleaning it frequently. However you don’t wish to neglect this extremely easy task. The condenser draws in air, and when it does, pollen and other debris commonly hold on to its outside. This will restrict air flow and cause a reduction in cooling effectiveness and possibly even cause the unit to overheat.  Pull out your yard hose and with a hard stream of water, working top to bottom, hose off each side of the condenser.

Do not close any registers entirely.

With a two-story home the upper floor is commonly warmer than the lower one even with the central air running.  It would seem to make sense that by closing some registers on the cooler lower level forces more air out of the registers upstairs. The cooler air then works its way downstairs and the air temperature level becomes more even throughout the house. However, by doing this the air conditioning device could completely shut off.

Change the filter regularly.

Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN

Preserving a central air conditioning unit is all about keeping air flow. That is why it is important to routinely change the air filter on the system. Filter bundles generally specify an advised schedule for replacement (i.e. every 90 days approximately) but it actually depends more on just how much the device is running and exactly how unclean the air is. During hot months it could be beneficial to alter the air filter more frequently. The process is frequently as simple as sliding the old filter out and sliding in the new one.

Set temperatures in a programmable thermostat.

It stands to reason that the less the a/c unit is really in use, the less wear and tear it sustains. For any person with a programmable thermostat, setting the temperature by day and time is a great way to reduce the system’s general use.

For instance, set the temperature level greater during the daytime and colder during the hours when sleeping. It’s much more efficient to program in desired temperature levels than it is to shut the unit off completely and then turn it on after a day of work.

Keep the sun out.

AC Repair Memphis

Transluscent curtains in front of a window. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another outstanding method to keep the a/c from having to run as commonly is to obstruct the sun throughout the hottest part of the day. During the hours when the sun shines in the most, blinds or drapes ought to be closed. In this manner the home’s indoor temperature will not rise as much. Additionally, think about planting trees or setting up awnings to diffuse a few of the sunshine.

Get an expert examination and cleaning done yearly.

Before each cooling period it is a terrific concept to get a regular maintenance check and cleaning done on the device by Service Pros. We will check the control box; coils; fan motor and blades; and compressor and tubing Additionally, refrigerant degrees are checked and adjusted if needed, and the device cleaned.

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Memphis Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Tips

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A home cooling system is a long-term financial investment and has to be working for a long time to come. Homeowners can help get the most out their investment by taking some steps to combat natural wear and tear and the influence it might have to help prevent needing an Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN call.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Memphis Tips

Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN

A typical home air conditioning unit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Preventative maintenance is a crucial part of lowering repair expenses in the long run we know at Service Pros. Regular evaluations accomplished by an expert technician will help catch any establishing concerns before they become too problematic. Keeping individual parts well preserved will increase the air conditioning units lifespan.

A/C preventative maintenance is the finest way to see to it ones air conditioning unit has long-term performance for the home. Neglecting to do so will ultimately lead to expensive repair costs.

One can rely on Service Pros professional staff to offer personalized upkeep on a routine basis. Our team is committed to offering reliable, economical cooling systems that will control your home for many summer times to come.

Keeping updated with all ones house systems can be overwhelming we understand. There are so many things to track that numerous homeowners let particular maintenance problems go by or escalate to the point of serious damage, but our arranged maintenance program is created so one does not have to stress over calling us. We will schedule you when it is time for us to come service your cooling system.

We offer an array of customized services to meet your certain upkeep needs and constantly keep your budget plan in mind. We up to date with industry trends and can examine any a/c style for repairs. We take pride in ensuring every one of our customers gets quality service and feels valued as a client.

Contact Service Pros today to schedule an air conditioning preventative upkeep service and make to obtain you registered on our regular service schedule.

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