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The Role of Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN, Air Conditioning Repair Olive Branch MS | 0 comments

We recognize that the majority of Memphis property owners are not acquainted with the technological information about how their air conditioning systems works. That is fine, for it is an extremely complex device and one that we have our staff do years of training to become a service technician that can repair and install them. Because of the general lack of understanding about air conditioners and appropriate care for them, there are a great deal of misconceptions about just how they run. One of the largest misconceptions is pertaining to exactly how the refrigerant functions, which is...

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New Window AC Design

Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN, Air Conditioning Repair Olive Branch MS | 0 comments

Window air conditioning units are not fun at all for Memphis homeowners to need to install each springtime. These AC systems are huge, heavy and difficult to move and install by oneself. And, do we actually should speak about exactly how unsightly they are too? If only there was a simpler, more appealing choice. Well, by the summer season of 2017, there might be. Mechanical engineer Kurt Swanson has actually developed a new kind of home window AC system called Noria. Swanson, who says he has always had a passion for thermodynamics, has actually designed just what is to this day, probably the...

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Reasons Why AC Circuit Breakers Trip

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Air Conditioning Maintenance Memphis, Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN | 0 comments

When the temperatures definitely increase here in Memphis, we get a number of calls from house owners that their air conditioner continues tripping the circuit breaker. So long as one will be able to reset the breaker and will not take place once again, all should really be ok. However, when it does continue to happen, be sure to contact us to see what precisely the problem might be. Disregarding the issue could possibly transform into a bigger Memphis Air Conditioning Repair issue. Because the circuit breakers task is to act as a safety instrument, if it trips one can find a cause for it. A...

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Attic Ventilation to Cooling A Home

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN | 0 comments

The most challenging period to have ones Memphis household comfortable while in the summer months is as soon as the heat and humidity have settled in for quite some time. Installing attic ventilation is a practical approach for helping lower heat inside ones residence, yet may instances AC Repair Memphis has noticed that ventilation equipment haven’t been set up effectively. It is necessary to be sure the attic has been sealed against air leaks, in addition to well-insulated and ventilated. Advantages of Attic Ventilation Memphis properties can be incredibly hot whenever the sun is beating...

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Signs of Mold in a Heating and Cooling System

Posted by on Dec 8, 2015 in Air Conditioning Repair Memphis TN, Heating Repair Memphis TN | 0 comments

It is difficult to know if one has mold inside an HVAC system unless a specialist looks for it. Nevertheless, it is possible to feel its consequences in the house. Everytime the air conditioning unit operates, mold particles can be picked up by the flow of air over the coil, and they get sent through the ductwork and straight into each of the rooms of ones residence. Listed below is what Memphis homeowners can do to swiftly find indications of mold issues at home. How Mold Develops in ones Memphis HVAC System Thankfully for all of us, there’s been a lot of analysis done on, and info...

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