Air Conditioner Motor Fan Not Working

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The interior of ones air conditioner contains a blower that blows air via the cooling coil. Consider it as a fan whose task it is to blow the cold air straight into ones house. Much like every other kind of fan, it could become impaired or create knocking sounds. Because it has moving pieces, it’ll need some form of standard servicing to be sure it operates correctly. This article is going to explore a number of the regular issues that can take place to an AC blower and the way in which they are normally fixed.

The Air Conditioner Blower Will Not Start

The most evident issue with an air conditioning blower is any time one turns it on and absolutely nothing happens. The fan motor will not commencement and no cool air comes out from the air vents. Listed here are a couple of probable explanations due to this. Examine the breaker box for the AC system to verify if it is tripped.


There may be periods that an air conditioner blower could overheat, after which the motor is not going to operate. Initially flip it off and allow the air conditioner rest and cool off for a while prior to switching it on yet again. When switching it on once more and it functions, it was the motor which was overheated. If this same exact thing keeps on occurring let AC Repair Memphis and we shall come examine it and find the actual bigger concern is to make certain it will not keep happening.

Fan Belt Problems

Another reason the fan will not blow is the fan belt may need a little maintenance. The belt may move from position, the belt might be extremely worn thin or the belt may become harmed. If this is the situation, one can discover the fan motor performing, but no air may blow from the air conditioning system. Exchanging the fan belt will repair the difficulty and one can have cold air once more.Frozen Memphis AC Repair

Ice on the Air Conditioner

Sometimes when ones AC system can freeze up, and not blow virtually any cold air. Commonly, it is a blower issue, go outside the house and check out the condenser unit to check if there does exist ice on it. It seems like a intimidating vision, particularly if it is in the midst of a sizzling summer season, but it shall be fine.

Unclean Air Conditioner Blower

The normal reason an air conditioner will ice up is a filthy and blocked blower. With any AC unit, yet specifically more aged products, if usual servicing and cleaning is not conducted, this will sooner or later occur. Thankfully, this really is a simple difficulty to fix. A lot of householders can effectively clean it but make sure you refer to the user’s handbook ahead of going forward, due to the fact varied home cooling systems are made in different ways, and some demand an expert to service them.

The next pair of options must be considered also. They commonly do not immediately restrict the blower fan from functioning, but can lead to long term harm to a property’s cool system performance.

Dirty Air Filters

By never switching ones air filters frequently, will put added strain on an air conditioning system. The more air filters become stopped up, not enabling air to go through readily, the blower fan is going to function even harder, and as we seen previously, quite possibly it to overheat. It will result in debris accumulating on the cooling coils which could bring about overheating or freezing of the outside condenser unit.

Duct Blockage or Leaks

Air ducts could possibly be clogged or leaking. Debris or occasionally animals can enter the ducts and block off the principal airflow within the property from outdoors or between the air handler and the other parts of the residence. Memphis house owners can get their air ducts cleaned by a specialist and to ensure the ducts are not obstructed. Ductwork can get impaired and older duct work systems might have leaks. Occasionally, a complete evaluation of the complete duct work system ought to be executed. House owners can accomplish this themselves, and can manage the repair and resealing of the majority of leaks.

Many other concerns might be with the capacitor or contactors. We will not get into the fine particulars of these 2 possibilities right here, for they’re best left to us for repair or replacement.

If one has peculiar sounds from the AC unit or begins to feel decreased cold air inside of the house, never delay to examine issues and to offer us a phone call before it evolves into a pricey Air Conditioning Repair Memphis circumstance. We are accessible at any time for assistance!

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